2013: Emily Blunt, Ann Murray Paige and John Krasinski at the 6th Annual the one hundred Cancer Fundraiser for Massachusetts General Hospitals Cancer Center, June 5. Boston, MA.

2013: ¬†Aerosmith bass guitarist Tom Hamilton and Ann Murray Paige at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center’s “the one hundred” fundraiser: June 5, Boston, MA

2012: Ann greets a fellow breast cancer fighter at the Kiwanis club meeting in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sacramento, CA.

2012: A video featuring Ann Murray Paige honors those who fight back against the battles in life.

2011: Ann greets fans at the “pink tips” book signing at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2011: “pink tips” book tour: Ann greets supporters at the Dana Farber Cancer Center’s Yawkey Way Bookstore, during the “pink tips” book tour in Boston, MA; October.

2011: an impromptu talk about breast cancer awareness to students of greater Boston’s Somerville High School during the “pink tips” book tour; October.

2011: Ann greets supporters in Portland, Maine during her “pink tips” book signing tour; October.

2011: Ann stands with her niece, Maria Barakat, after speaking at Barakat’s breast cancer awareness event at Salem State University, Salem, MA; October.

2011: Ann created her own sports jersey to advocate for the 1-in-8 women who get breast cancer in the US every year; October.