Ann’s Diary: My One-Woman Show

I am working on a one-woman-show to debut this fall outside of Boston, MA. It’s a new venture for me and one that I’m excited about because, well–it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever done.

Being past 40 years old, doing things I’ve never done is hard to do. I’ve driven a car, popped champagne, gotten my first kiss, swam with a dolphin, laughed, cried, had my heart broken, said I’m sorry, been married, given birth….you know, all that stuff. I’ve even gotten shingles–a new experience and DEFINITELY NOT one I recommend…but my point is, at my age it’s difficult to experience something unique, and especially one that I choose to do. So for me, this will be quite something.

The show is about how to handle it when life slaps someone in the face–or the -ss, if you’re talking about me–which it does at some point for everyone. Not necessarily cancer, not illness–but maybe divorce. Maybe death of a loved one. Maybe job loss.. Let’s face it, no one goes unscathed in life. Sh-t happens, and sometimes it’s devastating. So what do you do about it? What gets us through?

The answer is we do. And I mean all of us–not just you for you, but you for your friend and me for my cousin and that nurse for that patient–we are all thrown into moments where someone needs us…if even for a moment…and there we are whether we planned to be or not, and we gotta show up for these folks–and sometimes it’s just…plain…AWKWARD. So how do you handle it?

I have some ideas. And that’s what the show is about.

But I can’t just rattle them off. That’s B-O-R-I-N-G. So I’ll tell a few jokes. I’ll talk about my public flashing–how this Catholic girl bared her breasts to a total stranger. And I’ll share more, of course I’ll talk about cancer–but not like it’s the only thing. It’s just my thing. You have your thing, she had her thing–we all get a thing. That’s what makes us different, and that’s what makes us the same.

If you know me, you know I handle it with laughter, lots of jokes, a few four-letter words and a lot of heart. This show will be my foray into theatre–and a way for me to hold out an emotional hand and say “hey audience, we’re in this together.”

Because my life, and my story, are really everyone’s story with different names, dates, faces and props. My very first boss said it best, to me–the fresh-faced 15 year old who thought she knew everything–

“Remember Ann, you’re absolutely unique. Just like everybody else.”

30 years and a show-premiere in the offing, I finally understand what he meant.

(The show, titled IN THE PINK, is sold out for its October premier, but I may take it on the road. If I do, I’ll post that here.)

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Ann's Diary: My One-Woman Show
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Ann’s Diary: Money and Good Munching

I try to buy organic foods when I can, which I did before I got cancer, too.

But choosing apples for 4.89 a pound versus apples for 1.29 a pound is a crazy hard choice to make when the grocery bill triples before my very eyes.

So I go for what the “experts” say are the fruits and vegetables most susceptible to chemical absorption. I’ve been following this kind of thing for years—and today I got this list that has what the majority of the “experts” say about pesticides and the best produce-eating bet for your non-chemical buck.


I’m not saying that if you eat food treated with pesticides that you get cancer. But for me, any way I can steer clear of what’s been treated with man-made toxins as I fight the natural one trying to take over my body already is the right thing for me to do.

(PS–read what the group says about cosmetics…yet another area of my life that I’ve changed.)

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Ann's Diary: Money and Good Munching
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News: Drug “bomb” for Herceptin-postive breast cancer

If your cancer is Herceptin positive, check out the latest on a ‘drug-bomb’ for breast cancer.

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News: Drug "bomb" for Herceptin-postive breast cancer
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Ann’s Diary: Ask Your Question of the Global Health Leaders

Here I am, set up at the Global Leaders Healthcare Conference at the Marine’s Memorial Club in San Francisco, CA. My table discussion starts in an hour. I’m milling around ‘the experts’ in between snagging coffee and free danish. Got a question? I’ll ask it!

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Ann's Diary:  Ask Your Question of the Global Health Leaders
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News: ‘pink tips’ now available on Kindle

If you’re like me you love your Kindle. And you love the cancer cliff notes, “pink tips”. Well, get ready to merge!

Now the fast, funny and for real book on how to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis–or any big trauma in life–is available for download on everybody’s favorite cyber-library, the Kindle. To download ‘pink tips’ now, click HERE.

Happy reading–and recovering–from whatever life’s thrown at you. YOU CAN DO IT.

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News: 'pink tips' now available on Kindle
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