Project Pink, founded by Ann Murray Paige and Linda Pattillo,¬†offers help and hope to young women with breast cancer. It began with the acclaimed documentary film “The Breast Cancer Diaries” and turned into a cause. Project Pink partners with cancer care centers to provide outreach and support through screenings of “The Breast Cancer Diaries,” a speaking engagement with Ann Murray Paige and Linda Pattillo. In 2013, Ann began a new mission for Project Pink: to put a copy of her book “pink tips” into the hand of each newly diagnosed breast cancer patients across the country…and around the world.

A Look at Ann Murray Paige on stage:

2013: Ann Murray Paige, Guest Speaker at Massachusetts General Hospital’s “the one hundred” event. June, 2013.

2013: Ann Murray Paige, Guest Speaker at MIT’s Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research. Click here. Speech comes up at 50:25. TRT: 10:00

2012: Ann Murray Paige, Guest Speaker for The JACKSON LABORATORY “Discovery Days” Event. July 13.


2012: click here to listen to:¬†THE WOMEN’S EYE RADIO BROADCAST: 2012

2009: Ann Murray Paige speaks at The Los Angeles Idea Project, October.


The Breast Cancer DiariesTo view a short trailer from the film, please click on the thumbnail photo or click here.