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Ann’s Diary: Huffington Post Women Profile

I’m honored to be profiled in the Huffington Post today…

in this blog by Kristin Meekhof for Huffington Post Women.

I had about an hour long conversation with her a month ago, and by the time we hung up we were friends.

She’s a great writer and a warrior herself–not for breast cancer but for dealing with the death of her spouse and standing up for those affected by adrenal cancer.

Expect great things from this woman— follow her on Twitter  and on Facebook (I do)..

but for now, here is her profile on me, that I humbly re-post:

CLICK HERE TO READ  A Breast Cancer Warrior

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Ann's Diary: Huffington Post Women Profile
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Ann’s Diary: First V-log (video)

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Ann's Diary:  First V-log (video)

Ann’s Diary: IMO

I’ve been wanting to write for a while but every time I begin I lose the thread of anything significant to say–IMO.
IMO is the kids texting acronym for “in my opinion.” I’ve been texting a lot with my kids and those acronyms seem to be taking over…
Anyway… IMO it’s hard to feel good about a blog if it doesn’t leave you, the reader, with a nugget of counsel, wisdom, truth, laughter or even just a quick “hmmmmm, never thought of it that way.”  I mean, you’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy–
..and if I’m going to use up 2 minutes of your day it has to be worth your time. IMO.
So here I am again, writing what IMO seems so far like nothing.  But I want to write something. Because I’m not here in this world for…nothing.
I’m here for something. So are you. We all are. We’re all here for something.
Your something may be quite different from mine.  Your something might be your job.  It might be your kids.  It might be your volunteer work.  It might be your garden. It might be your voice. It might be the way you light up a room just by walking into it. It may be all those animals you rescued, or it may be your passion for whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning.
Whatever your something is–that grounds you, makes you feel whole, sparks a twinkle in your eye–is your gift. And it matters. IMO.
IMO what you do while you’re here in this world is critical to the success of this big blue ball–don’t discount that.  Don’t ever deny it.  (You may think “well I already know that” but how often do any of us look at ourselves in the mirror and say “I matter”?)  By being here you’re making the world a better place–believe me.
I feel the same about myself—though there are days on this “cancer crusade” I’m forced on that I get anxious that the world doesn’t want me in it.  That sounds infantile, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Just this week I got some scans back that, while not all doom and gloom, didn’t give me the “woohoooo cancer take THAT” I was hoping for.  IMO they are mediocre at best–
and IMO that sucks.
So as my 2 minutes of your time winds down here at this blog today let me remind you that your life matters. YOU matter. You may feel bored or confused some days, sad or just plain angry on others. But life is good. It’s not perfect, not always pretty, and in my case not always healthy, but it’s here and it’s ours and it’s….it’s life.
IMO, it’s good to remember that.
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Ann's Diary: IMO
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