Ann’s Diary: Thank You, Taiwan

As I fly 5 thousand miles over the county of the United States of America this morning, embarking on a week-long book tour for ‘pink tips‘, I’d like to make a shout out to the people of Taiwan for sharing in my story, The Breast Cancer Diaries. I’ve already heard from Jialing, who writes,

It’s nice to watch the film tonight, I was surprised about your strong attitude, I love the part when you be with your family. I am not a cancer patient but I like the spirit you have, thank you for making the film.”

No matter the country, the culture or the community, breast cancer awareness binds us all.

我想你最好的健康。 (this is from an online translator. I couldn’t find proper Taiwanese.)



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Ann's Diary: Thank You, Taiwan
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  • Susie Lin

    Dear Ann,

    This is Susie living in Taipei, Taiwan that I saw your documentary about breast cancer diaries last night which deeply touched me because I was diagnosed and have mastectomy this July but fortunately it’s confirmed as DCIS. Thank you very much for sharing your story which encourage us having the same sufferring. It’s not easy for fighting the cancer that you already did greatly and kindly carry on since you have loves from you family as well as cares from people over the world.

    Sincerely yours,


  • I’m a Taiwanese ,too

    I watched your film last night!
    I’m a 17 girl ,this is my first time stroked by such this disease!

    I am really stroke by your true experience…..
    not only the truest afraid but also the contradiction between lives and frustration.

    Actually, I seldom notice such this subject about cancer.
    And,you really did!
    I just want to use my poor English to let you know how big influence you give to us. :)

    One more thing…….you are really really beautiful!!!!!

  • I’m a Taiwanese ,too


    —-From Taiwan

  • http://ProjectPink Project Pink

    Susie, you are strong, you will beat this. And I will be sending you strength every day.

  • http://ProjectPink Project Pink

    thank you so much :) I am grateful, it is hard to feel beautiful with cancer, but if you say so I will believe! Take care and stay healthy.

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