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Resources: The Breast Cancer Diaries Film Trailer

The Breast Cancer DiariesA short trailer for the film has been posted on my Web site,  Click here to to view the trailer in a new window.

Posted October 31st, 2010

Ann’s Diary: AMP on AOL

As irony would have it, I gave this interview to AOL along with photos taken during the filming of The Breast Cancer Diaries about 4 hours before a doctor told me my breast cancer had returned.

Although I am again fighting for my life, the words I spoke here still hold very true.

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Ann's Diary: AMP on AOL
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Ann’s Diary: My Cancer Is Back

There’s no other way to say this so I’m just going to say it: about a week ago I got the surprising and personally earth-shattering news that my cancer has come back.

I want to say that finding my breast cancer has returned during Breast Cancer Awareness Month is taking the theme a little too far, and I hadn’t intended to do so–not this month, not last October, nor any of the 6 October’s I’ve lived, calling myself a “survivor”  since my original diagnosis back in 2004.  I really thought I’d beaten it.

But like all cancer “survivors”, the survivor is a misnomer.  It’s more like a hope, a prayer, a wish, a cry, it’s what we all believe we are, because we must live in faith and optimism.  Yet the reality is that if you’ve had cancer it can always come back–anytime, any place—and if you’re like me, knock you on your backside with sadness, discouragement and sheer terror.

I truly thought the double mastectomy-no-reconstruction-dose-dense-chemo-radiation-tamoxifen cocktail I sipped all summer long back in ’04 would have beaten back the beast.  But here I go again, talking to doctors, writing down notes, hugging my kids,  collapsing on my husband, and trying like hell to save my life–AGAIN.

So to all of you who pray, pray.

To all of you who chant, chant.

To all of you who vibe with the universe, vibe.

And if you’re like some people I know who find God in different places, I ask that you send out a holler in my name to that God.

I am a fighter and I plan to win–with good medications, great doctors, amazing friends, a strong family,

and Faith–from any and everywhere I can get it.

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Ann's Diary:  My Cancer Is Back
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Project Pink Diary | Help and Hope | No. 8

Listen To The Experts.

One friend was certain my doctor was wrong and that my hair would NOT come out from my type of chemotherapy.  I believed her and was devastated when the tub began to clog with my falling hair.  As hopeful as people try to be, let your doctor guide you when you need it most.

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Project Pink Diary | Help and Hope | No. 8
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Ann’s Diary: Cake Fights Cancer

But you can’t eat it in loads–and it has to be the right kind–and you can’t eat too much–but really, if cake is on our side to help fight BC, I think that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

Read the link below — and read the entire article so you get the whole flavor of the story, including the dark, leafy greens and all the other good habits that alongside that sweet dessert are crucial to helping fight off the Big C.

Diet To Combat Cancer

Posted October 12th, 2010
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